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The Smoking Tongue

November 13, 2005

Day 118: Vigo Extra Hot

Full name: "Vigo Cinco De Mayo Salsa Picante XXX Cuidado With Cayenne Peppers"

Could there be any more vinegar? I don't think it's possible. This thing is ripe with vinegar and it will assault your nostrils and your tongue.

Visually, this sauce had peculiar white specks in the sauce. They made it a little lighter in color, and a nice change of pace from the deep dark red of most vinegar sauces. However, it does make me wonder what the hell it was.

Flavor wise, this is nothing like the last Vigo sauce I had. Just because they put a XXX on the front, doesn't mean they took the same tired old recipe and added 20% more heat. Nope, this was a completely different flavor. Unfortunately, it was mostly vinegar.

Although most hot sauces are celebrated for their fiery attributes, many are so hot that they conceal the flavor of the foods they are sprinkled on. Enthusiasts now realize that heat must be balanced with flavor. This is accomplished in all three Vigo Hot Sauces. The Cinco de Mayo Salsa Picante is made with world famous cayenne peppers. It packs the right amount of heat to justify its warning in Spanish on the front of the label which says "CUIDADO", meaning "watch out."

Yea, yea, yea. That's what they all say. They went full bore on the heat, and simply forgot about the flavor. There's nothing here but vinegar. During lunch I even scoffed at the heat. However, I must not have used very much. When it came time for supper, I had over half a bottle left. Time to kick it in gear.

Since I was having stromboli, and this sauce was extremely runny, I just put the rest of the bottle in a bowl, and soaked my sandwich in it for each bite. I wasn't even 2 minutes into the meal before I had to stop and take a break! This bad boy is hot!

Once I landed back on Earth, I started eating again. Two minutes later, another break. This bad boy is REALLY hot!

This is how my supper went. It took a while to finish. I'm amazed, because this hardly ever happens to me with a non-extract hot sauce. Without a doubt, this is the hottest runny vinegar sauce I can ever remember having.

Just when I finally crawled to the end of supper, I had a shot of this to swallow. My mouth already on fire, I just popped it down the hatch.

Cayenne Peppers? This hot? You've got to be kidding me. There are some habanero hot sauce makers that should be god damn ashamed of themselves.

If only this sauce tasted good, we would have ourselves a winner.

Tomorrow: Amazon Hot Sauce

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