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The Smoking Tongue

November 07, 2005

Day 112: Paisanitos Mango Sauce

Full Name: "Paisanitos Mango Sweet Spicy Sauce"

Another good looking bottle from Paisanitos.
Then again, they all look the same. This one has an orange background. Papaya had a purple background. Mustard had a brown background. I think they missed a great opportunity to put their artist to work. I'd love to see more.

"Feel its exotic natural ingredients!"

I tried to feel, I really did. But it was just too bland to pick up any mango goodness. Not only that, but they went with the Caribbean & Curry type of flavor with this mango sauce. I'm a much bigger fan when they balance a fruity mango flavor with a fresh, bold habanero flavor.

During lunch I had some cheesy fries, and poured most of the bottle on them. I made sure I had a little left in the bottle so that I could have a shot of it later at home. I have to say, I was pleased when I ran out of this hot sauce, and could switch to a better condiment: plain ketchup.

For supper, I poured out a shot glass full of the sauce and still had some left in the bottle. So I poured what little remained onto a plate and dipped my chicken sandwich in it. I have to say, I was very pleased that I ran out quickly and could switch to a better condiment: cheap mustard.

As a hot sauce fanatic, I think it's a sad state of affairs when ketchup and mustard tastes better than your hot sauce.

Bottoms Up!
Wow, I've tasted this somewhere before. I'm reaching deep into my childhood here. Something sweet. Something orangey. I'm smelling deep, trying to dig up chemical memories. I think... yes! The first time I had mandarin oranges!

This orange flavor is much more distinct while eating straight. I didn't pick it up at all while eating with food. This fun-filled 10 seconds doesn't make up for it though.

Tomorrow: Melinda's XXXXtra Reserve

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