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The Smoking Tongue

November 05, 2005

Day 110: Panola Green Pepper Sauce

Without a doubt, I really held off on consuming this sauce. Not only was it one of the Panola sauces I bought off an ancient, dusty shelf, but it has an alien green milky color. How in the world do you make a sauce milky looking? I have a black light, and when I put this sauce underneath it, it glowed!!!

I saved this sauce for a weekend so that if I couldn’t eat it, I could just run downstairs and start a different bottle.

I opened the bottle.
Smelled it.
Tasted it.
Can’t get enough of it!

I’m serious thinking I need to just start eating all my ugliest looking sauces right away. They’ve been turning out great!

Vinegar sauces usually put me off because all I can taste is vinegar. My mom used to cook a lot, so as a kid, I remember the nasty smell of boiling vinegar. I have no idea what witch’s brew she was concocting on those occasions, but its noxious cloud seeped into every single room of the house. So when I get a vinegar hot sauce, it always seems like the company is skimping on the pepper flavor and pawning off a bottle of vinegar.

Panola’s Green Sauce, however, is the absolute best combination of pepper and vinegar I’ve ever experienced. This is everything McIlhenny’s green Tabasco wishes it was. The flavor makes me think of what an unripe, green pepper might taste like. I would actually take time out of my Tour de Hot Sauce to buy some more of this sauce. There are quite a few foods I’d like to try this on.

This stuff has some heat. I just finished off the rest of the bottle on a chicken sandwich and my mouth is nice and toasty.

Bottoms Up!
Strong stuff. A concentrated mixture of pepper goodness and the bite of vinegar. This is the whiskey of hot sauces... strong stuff going down, a little grimace, and then a nice warm buzz in the stomach. And of course a buzz on the tongue, throat and lips.

Tomorrow: Bee Sting Honey N Habanero



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