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The Smoking Tongue

November 04, 2005

Day 109: Kato's Meaner Greener

Full Name: "Kato's Meaner Greener Habanero Sauce"

If it isn't spuds or corn, I'm not a real expert in vegetables. But these green tomatillos make me want to quit my day job and start a Tomatillos Farm. Well, maybe two farms. One farm to eat, and the other to make enough money to plant for next year.

This fresh, bright green looking sauce is bursting with a delicious, unique flavor of tomatillos. Whether you've had salsa made out of them before, or completely new to the little green tomatoes, you're in for a treat with this sauce.

The only possible downside to this sauce is that there is no heat. However, I was too busy enjoying the sauce to complain about it at all.

For lunch, I brought in a home-made sandwich. I wanted something cold to eat with this sauce, so that I could enjoy its flavor with every bite. It was excellent!

"Exile That Boring Food to the Doghouse!"

Kato Productions is run by the Pinckney's in George Town, Florida. They named their business after their famous dog, Kato, who enjoys eating habanero peppers! Sadly, Kato died very recently of non-pepper causes, and we mourn his passing. But the legend lives on!!

Bottoms Up!
Although I would suggest putting this on food, drinking this straight wasn't too bad. The fresh, smooth flavor of tomatillos overwhelms your mouth. Then it's followed by a mild heat in the middle (but not too much). While basking in the aftertaste, you wonder how they made this perfect sauce.

This sauce ranks #1 in my non-spicy category. If I had such a category.
Excellent sauce!

More sauces made by Kato's:
Kato's Rajun Cajun
Kato's Island Sauce
Kato's Chipotle Steak Sauce

Tomorrow: Panola Green Pepper

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