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The Smoking Tongue

November 01, 2005

Day 106: Cajun Power Spicy Garlic

Full Name: "Cajun Power Spicy Garlic Pepper Sauce"

When I put some of this on my potatoes for lunch, I could really taste the garlic flavor. Then I glanced at the bottle by my plate and started wondering if the huge letters, "G-A-R-L-I-C", was tricking my brain into noticing the garlic flavor. Maybe this is what every relabeled red vinegar hot sauce tastes like. Am I writing different things for exactly the same sauces? Then I started to doubt my ability to write any reviews. Then I started to get really paranoid and went home to see if I had left the oven on.

"A wonderful, all purpose table sauce with a little kick to it. There's lots of squeezed garlic in this pepper sauce."

So it looks like maybe I'm not going crazy.

Cajun Power is from Abbeville, Louisiana. They seem to sell a sauce for every fattening occasion: sauces for chili dogs, sloppy joe's, chili, Worcestershire, and mayonnaise. Their original sauce makes a great gravy! For some reason I'm suddenly hankering for a peanut butter jelly sandwich with one of their jellies: red pepper, jalapeno, or chipotle!

They have a garlic sauce they consider their famous original, and I like the numbers from their description: "This sauce is what made Cajun Power famous. This original recipe sauce is not hot. Every eight ounce bottle has two ounces of squeezed garlic in it. The sauce is so versatile......"

Now that's a lot of garlic.

Bottoms Up!
Not very good drinking it straight. With this much quantity, there was a stale aftertaste that meant that this sauce was probably expired. Or maybe it's the processing taste, or maybe it always taste like crap, or... did I leave the oven on again?

On the back of the label:

The Most Wonderful Table Sauce. A Real Greeting for All Seasons"

Isn’t that precious? The label, the logo, the quotes are kind of like my beat up car. I can park it anywhere, anytime, unlocked, keys inside. No one is going to steal it.

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Tomorrow: Best Chef Louisiana Style

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  • How about one week of "anonymous" hot sauces. Maybe covering the labels with sleeves of paper so you don't know what you are trying until you do. That way you can't "taste" the garlic because the label says so.

    OOOOHhhh....you could even try to figure out what the ingredients are before unveiling them!


    By Blogger cutie, at 8:27 PM, November 02, 2005  

  • Ha ha! Good idea. I'd probably have to eat blindfolded too, because I'd be able to recognize some sauces by their color. Probably get someone else to buy them for me too, because I know what I've bought, and I'd probably try to narrow down which was which in my head.

    By Blogger Smoking Tongue, at 4:16 AM, November 03, 2005  

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