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The Smoking Tongue

October 24, 2005

Day 98: Viper Venom Hot Sauce

My coworker took another trip, and when he promised he would bring me back another hot sauce, I told him to pick me up quite a few. And I would pay him. I might have taken that back if I had known he was going to get me the most expensive sauces in the whole damn world, and duplicates (even with the list I gave him).

However, I was quite pleased he found this one. Anything that resembles a local hot sauce is gold. With thousands of hot sauces out there as is, available at any mail order site, I bet there are thousands of tiny hot sauces few have heard about. Sure, it turns out that this sauce was already listed in the Hot Sauce Bible, but I'm never going to find it on my local grocery shelves.

That being said, it pretty much sucked ass. Water is the first ingredient. Vinegar the second ingredient. The flavor had a heavy picante flavor, which of course is not one of my favorites at all. The consistency was runny, with gelatinous chunks. Did I mention water was the first ingredient?? Listen, the day habaneros start dripping out my faucet instead of water, THEN you can put water first. Until then, give me peppers, man.

Beats me why there's a different label out there. When I was searching for the creator of the sauce, I tried to look up T.G. Greenfield, the only name on the back of the label. I found them listed on only ONE Arizona listing next to Mama Roses Gourmet Foods. It seems like she may be the creator. She has Viper Venom listed, but under a different label. A very uninspiring label. Their store looks cool, and I love seeing pictures of the kitchen of anyone putting the time & effort into making hot sauces. They seem to have a great attitude about how they make their food, so perhaps one of their other hot sauces will be a better fit for me.

Bottoms Up!
Dunked my tongue into the shot of hot sauce before drinking it. Surprisingly, it was hot to the tongue. I kept dunking it in there until my girl friend told me to quit playing with my food.

It was the only time I felt any heat from the sauce.

Other Mama Roses sauces:
Jalapeno Hot Sauce
Mango Mango Hot Sauce
Sergios Revenge

Tomorrow: Tabasco Chipotle



  • couldn't agree more. My G-Friend just came back from AZ with my gift as requested; local hot sauce. Brought this back, and i couldn't have been more disappointed. Water seems to be the dominant flavor, and seems to control the consistency. Also, lacks any real heat.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:26 PM, April 16, 2009  

  • man in accassion I travel to Mexico the capitol of the chili con carne, I had a terrible choice, the ma'am in the restaurant asked me if I want to add tabasco chipotle to this, I never said yes.

    By Anonymous Viagra Online, at 10:36 AM, February 10, 2011  

  • Tamazula hot sauce is spicer than this one. Definitely I can't lie saying this is not spicy, because it's even in my top 5 spicest sauces aroun the world, but Tamazula one is simply indescribable.

    By Anonymous Viagra without prescription, at 6:25 AM, June 08, 2011  

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