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The Smoking Tongue

October 23, 2005

Day 97: House Recipe Hot Sauce

I took my sister out for breakfast today, and I was going to order a Belgian Waffle. It comes with strawberries, whip cream, and ice cream. I was curious if I could get her daughter jealous once she saw my plate, and I made fun of her boring pancakes.

However, while we were waiting for our seat, I remembered that they carried a brand of hot sauce there that I've never seen anywhere else. (Not that anyone would want to carry it). So, I thought hell, I eat a hot sauce bottle a day, I need sources wherever I can get them. And since I don't put hot sauce on Belgian Waffles, I switched my order to a Portabella Omelette, and then asked the waiter if he could bring a brand new bottle of their hot sauce.

It was a good choice, and believe it or not, I was actually buzzing a little from it. I used almost all the bottle, and there was plenty of coating for each bite. There is definitely no watering down in this vinegar sauce.

Sysco is a huge company claiming to sell 400,000 products to companies all over. They seem to be a supplier for restaurants big and small. Their "House Recipe" line ranges from hot sauce to mustards, to fancy ketchup (Fancy!). And congratulations to the dip shit that created the most boring label ever.

Right before supper, I filled the shot glass up so that I knew how much to pour on my food. When I knocked this shot back, I got a stomach ache for about 5 minutes. Argh! You'd think I'd learn by now never to take a shot on an empty stomach, but I thought that only applied to extremely hot sauces, not a red vinegar one.

I must be getting old in my old age. Or maybe my mom is right, maybe I am rotting out my stomach!!

Tomorrow: Viper Venom Hot Sauce



  • House recipe is my favorite of the vingear suaces. They sell it at the local Kroger, I haven't seen it many other places.

    By Blogger John S., at 5:25 PM, November 02, 2005  

  • As vinegar sauces go this is absolutely the best I have had. I was searching for a source when I ran across this blog. I usually get it from a Chinese resturant that I frequent. I cant seem to get it at my Kroger but I will have to have the mgr order it for me thanks for that tip........

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:07 PM, January 10, 2010  

  • House Recipe is a proprietary brand to SYSCO. It is available to restaurants. Some Sysco houses have a cash and carry store. Otherwise your going to have to get it from your favorite restaurant! The House recipe steak sauce is better than A-1 also

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:44 PM, July 12, 2011  

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