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The Smoking Tongue

October 23, 2005

Day 96: Boulder - Harry's Habanero

Full name: "Boulder Hot Sauce Company Harry's Habanero"

For lunch we ate at a great Italian restaurant, and I ordered their sausage and peppers. I put this sauce liberally on their sausages, and it was an extremely spicy meal. I'm sure they both complimented each other's spiciness just right. I couldn't tell where the food ended, and the sauce began. THAT is the ultimate meal!

It's been quite a while since I've had to grab multiple napkins and blow my nose over and over. I was buzzing in a sea of wonderful endorphins.

For supper the fusion wasn't quite there. I could taste both things separately, but it also gave me a chance to purposely taste the hot sauce by itself. It has a consistency of a relish, but it only slightly tastes that way. There is a hint of sweet dill flavoring, lots of habanero goodness, followed by a very nice wave of heat.

I've been telling people (who bother to ask) that this is one of my all time favorite hot sauces. I like how I found it in the dungeon of a Food Co-op. I like the grocery sack type label. I like the heat level. And I like the habanero flavor that just makes you want to rush out and grow an acre of habaneros.

They have another sauce that I like only slightly less than this one. The guy has hit a home run with both sauces. It's just a shame he doesn't make more! Why in the world do we have hot sauce makers that have a whole SET of crappy sauces, each one worse than the next? Then you have this guy who only has 2, and you wish he had 20.

My name is Harry Robertson and I am the owner of The Boulder Hot Sauce Company. I set out in 1998 to create the best tasting hot sauces in the world. Certain only of my devotion to great food, I sat down with over 100 fresh ingredients, a bag of chips, and a large towel. I measured, I chopped, I roasted, I cooked, I tasted, and yes….I sweated a lot. After months of ritualistic pain and pleasure and a soaking wet towel, Smokey Serrano and Harry’s Habanero were born. I cried openly at what had transpired. I had in my possession two flavors destined to set the world on fire."

I need to send this guy another 100 fresh ingredients, another towel, and another bag of chips. Because we need more sauces from him, and we need them now!!

Welcome to the worst picture in the world!
Unfortunately, the room was too dark to get an accurate shot of this hot sauce. It actually doesn't look like a turd floating on a turd chicken.

The consistency of the sauce isn't quite as smooth as the last time I had it. It's not quite as appealing. I'm guessing things change from batch to batch. Not quite as good as I remember from my dreams, but still good nevertheless.

His only other sauce... please make more!
Boulder Hot Sauce Company - Smokey Serrano

Tomorrow: House Recipe Hot Sauce

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