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The Smoking Tongue

October 22, 2005

Day 95: Art of Chipotle Smokey Red

Full name: "The Art Of Chipotle Smokey Red Sensation"

Knowing that I was going to Qdoba Grill for lunch, I brought this monster sized bottle. 14 ounces is a lot to swallow in one day. I was correct in using it, because I poured and poured and poured this sauce on my Fajita Burrito, allowing me to get through half the bottle just during lunch. The fact that the burrito is 50% rice really helps a lot, since it can soak up quite a bit of the sauce. It was a lot of work though, keeping my food steeped with sauce 100% of the time. By the end of the meal, the bottom container was so soggy, it had ripped right through. Amazingly, I only spilled once on my white shirt.

For supper I ate out again, so I had to lug this bottle around one more time. It doesn’t' fit in a pocket, let me tell you! You always get weird looks when you walk into a Mexican restaurant sporting your own bottle. "But sir, we have a wide selection of sauces you can use."

Indeed, but is it my "Sauce of the Day?"

Supper wasn't the perfect food to add this sauce too, because it already came with a creamy sauce on top. However, I almost finished the bottle. My girlfriend had leftovers, which I ate later that night. I probably would have saved it for lunch tomorrow, but this gave me an opportunity to finish off the bottle.

The sauce itself is very smooth, without any lumps or pulp. It has an appealing dark brown color that makes any food look appetizing. However, it was way too mild. For heat, there was nothing there. For flavor, it barely changed the food's taste. This is definitely another “why bother”, and unlike the first one I tried by Pfleider’s, this one is too lame to even use as a marinade.

Bottoms Up!
Drinking this shot straight tasted just like taco sauce with a faint, smoky chipotle overtone. Very smooth consistency. The flavor was really muted, however. I would rather of had more "Art" of the chipotle power coming through. After all, I can get taco sauce any day of the year.

Tomorrow: Boulder Hot Sauce Company - Harry's Habanero

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