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The Smoking Tongue

October 20, 2005

Day 93: Paisanitos Mustard Habanero

Full name: "Paisanitos Hot Mustard Pepper Sauce"

I've been wanting to stop at the Food Co-Op downtown for quite some time, but when I'm dropping my girlfriend off at work, it's just too early in the morning, and they're not open. Also, it's facing the wrong way on a one way street for me to simply and easily pull over. However, today we had an appointment to go to, and I got to drive by the store at a later hour.

I know this store holds 2 excellent sauces, and a handful of some crappy hippy Organic sauces. However, in the interest of science (and restocking my stash) I am not choosy. I was well rewarded with today's trip, because not only did they carry what I expected, they also had a whole new line of sauces in by Paisanitos.

This company was very recently started just 2 years ago by a couple graduates of Earth University. I'm not sure if their majors were Tree Hugging, or Shrubbery (just kidding) but their accredited college, located in a tropical paradise, looks like a lot more fun than mine was!

One of the goals for this company is working close with the farmers in Latin America that grow their ingredients and giving them a fair price, instead of exploiting them. For us, this means that we're receiving sauces with original recipes - no relabeling!

Unfortunately, I didn't really care for this mustard sauce. I've had plain mustards with more zing! The consistency of the sauce was pretty gelatin, and this is the first sauce I've ever run into that has left a residue on the inside of the bottle even after washing. The flavor was pretty bland. I don't taste anything from the habanero side, and we've lost that nice little zing normal mustard gives. We've got the worst of both sides, leaving us with an unsatisfying sauce.

What should have been a great sandwich just turned out to be a bland sandwich. I was actually tempted to go get the normal mustard bottle out of the fridge to salvage the meal. Only after I was done with the sandwich, did I feel some heat.

There are too many excellent habanero mustards on the market already that bring more heat, more flavor, and better taste to bother with this one.

Hopefully, better luck next time with:
Paisanitos Mango Spicy Sauce
Paisanitos Chipotle Hot Sauce
Paisanitos Papaya Spicy Sauce
Paisanitos Crushed Peppers

Tomorrow: Iguana Chipotle Pepper Sauce

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