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The Smoking Tongue

October 16, 2005

Day 90: Pain Is Good Jalapeno Wasabi

Full Name: "Pain is Good Jalapeno Wasabi Batch #66 Hot Sauce"

The creators of Pain Is Good had enough success with their 3 Sultans of Sizzle, they expanded out with their 3 Divas of Spice. I love the new faces on the labels. Somehow, I just picture the wife of the creator nagging him about equal opportunities, etc. "If you and your drunk buddies can put your ugly mugs on the sauces, why not us?"

When I first heard about the new Diva sauces and read their labels, I thought: No way, I'll pass. A full bottle of wasabi? What the hell would I use that on? Another one was labeled, "Honey Cayenne Hot Mustard", and I wondered if these were even hot sauces! Then one fateful day I was eating at a local Mexican restaurant with a basket of hot sauces to sample, and this one was in there. I said what the hell and tried it out. Turns out it was really good! When I saw this sitting on a shelf 2 months later, I snatched it up. I've been holding on to it for quite a while, because to eat a whole bottle, I figured I would need the right food. And this one is screaming Chinese Buffet.

This morning my girlfriend suggest we go to a Chinese restaurant today. I innocently said, "Good idea", and went to the basement and brought this sauce upstairs. Unfortunately, by the time afternoon rolled around, we both agreed we weren't in the mood (her) or weren't hungry enough (me) to go to the China Buffet. Instead, I picked up some egg rolls at the grocery store when picking up a missing ingredient for the chili I was making for work.

Turns out that the wasabi flavor isn't that strong. It wasn't necessary to wait around for Chinese food. In fact, I should have had this with steak! The flavor and smell was a wonderful creamy horseradish. If it had been white, I never would have guessed it had wasabi in it. The jalapeno flavor in the sauce was a great addition. It added a little zing to the tongue while the horseradish tickled the nose hairs. My previous concerns of whether or not this is an actual hot sauce are no longer valid. First, I don't care. It was delicious. Second, there was no mistaking the familiar jalapeno flavor. An excellent combination.

Breakfast of Champions!
The look and consistency of pea green paste that only a baby could love!

Thankfully, it didn't taste like peas.

Tomorrow: Bouliard's Louisiana

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  • Awesome blog!!! I always look forward to reading it!

    Have you tried Pain 100% from Original Juan? I found a bottle at a TJ Maxx and was surprised!!! It has some serious heat with a nice flavor.

    Also, have you tried any of the Tropical Pepper Co Xtra Hot Habanero Pepper Sauces? They offer X, XX, XXX, and XXXX "Special Edition." The XXXX has ok heat, but a really nice flavor.
    I found it at a gourmet grocery store. I swig it hourly.

    Your Spicy Chef Challenges are the best, thanks for the great laughs! And the "DEATH BY HOT SAUCE" on the tomb stone idea on Day 47 is BAD ASS!

    Congrats on the "100" mark, the picture is a great idea!

    ~Looking forward to the next 100...

    By Blogger 812green, at 6:42 PM, October 28, 2005  

  • I've had Pain 100% once before, but need a new one to review for this site.

    Have not tried the Tropical Pepper stuff, thanks for the link. That site had very good prices.

    It was easy to come up with that on Day 47, because that was the mood I was in after that ordeal :)

    By Blogger Smoking Tongue, at 8:44 AM, October 29, 2005  

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