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The Smoking Tongue

October 12, 2005

Day 86: Ass Kickin' Original

I've had this sauce once before, and remember finishing it off in one meal. So it can't be that hot, right?

Well, during lunch my whole team went out to eat lunch at a Smokey Bones BBQ restaurant. I ordered their pull pork with sides, and poured out a healthy dose. My first bite caught me by surprised and started to make me cough. I quietly mentioned that it was a lot hotter than I remembered, and a few of the people sitting nearest me started to laugh.

Then one of the guys piped up and asked if anyone wanted to try out the hot sauce that *I* didn't know was so hot.
No takers.

Half way through the meal I normalized (I'm getting over a cold), and it was easier to eat. Still pretty hot though.

This sauce has a harsh habanero flavor. Some sauces, the habs blend in nicely. Taste fresh. Sweet. Whatever. These guys, however, just taste pissed off. Having water and tomato paste as the first ingredients must be the reason. Also, the consistency is a thick runny sauce with too many seeds.

By the end of the meal, I finally poured the last of it on my food. Unfortunately, it was noticed by the others, and they made a big deal about it. Oh my gosh, you really ate the whole bottle? You are nuts. That is crazy. How can you even taste any food. How much did you waste on that sauce.

What can I say, eating a full bottle of hot sauce can turn heads.



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