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The Smoking Tongue

October 12, 2005

Day 85: Big S Farms Tennessee Thunder

Lunch today was Taco Tuesday. That meant I shelved the shitty sauce I originally brought in from home, and looked around my work desk to see if I had something with more oomph. I easily settled on this sauce, since I had so much fun with their first one.

At Oh-12-Hundred, we had lunchtime lift off, and I poured 1/2 the bottle over my crumbled up tacos. No hesitation, no taste tests. When the faith is strong, miracles can happen. And yes, it was delicious.

This sauce really packs a nice amount of heat. It's not as hot as the first one, but surprising when you look at the ingredient list: Onions, Carrots, Vinegar, Habanero, Lime Juice, Garlic, Salt.

Habaneros is pretty far down on the list, yet is never missed in each bite. It just comes down to quality. If Tabasco's Habanero sauce says its number one ingredient is Habanero, but is much weaker than this sauce where Habanero is 4th, it's obvious to me which one is trying to make a buck, and which one is trying to make a good sauce.

This sauce is sweeter than the first one I tried, and will probably be most people's favorite if they try these 3 sauces. It's very light and fresh tasting. Refreshing. It's like the Gatorade of Hot Sauces.

Bottoms Up!
The picture doesn’t do it much justice. Although it is a little runny, there’s a thickness and pulpiness my crappy camera can’t catch.

HOT. I actually only had half a shot because I am feeling sick, and it put me into a coughing fit from the heat. I put the rest of the delicious stuff on my tacos.

Wow, I just realized I had tacos for lunch AND for supper.
What a loser.

Tomorrow: Ass Kickin' Original



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