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The Smoking Tongue

October 10, 2005

Day 84: Sauza Hot Sauce

Full Name: "Imported Sauza Tequila Infused Fiery Hot Sauce"

The #1 Tequila in Mexico has taken their famous name and slapped it on a few other food items: Sauza Lime Chipotle Marinade, Sauza Mustard, Sauza Chipotle Lime Party Dip, and the hot sauce I'm holding in my hand.

I found this bottle in the back of a TJ Max department store, between a candle and a pink BBQ sauce. The label is a shiny, reflective gold that screams "BUY ME - I'M OFFICIAL!" (The fact it was a hot sauce was all I needed to buy it, though)

I treated this sauce like I would a normal red vinegar sauce. However, there were subtle differences. The flavor has a distinct picante flavor, one I've found in other direct Mexican imports in the past. I'm not really a big fan. There's just something sour and off in picante type sauces. At least for my palette.

The good news, in my case, is that I couldn't really pick up on that flavor when I poured this in my soup for lunch. I also couldn't really pick it up when I poured it all over my eggs for supper. Only when I tasted this by the tablespoon.

One flavor that I didn't pick up at all was the Tequila. I'm not really sure what food is suppose to taste like with tequila in it. I doubt it makes much difference. The manufacturer of this bottle is Haus Barhyte. Looks like they've been busy securing the liquor infused food market. They have mustards for Stolichnaya Vodka, Beefeater, Aviator Ale, Sauza, and others. A big gimmick if you ask me. Don't get me wrong, I don't need to fall down a flight of steps in a drunken stupor just because I ate a jar of "Beefeater Olives", but if I can't say "Damn, I can taste the liquor in this stuff, it's awesome" then what's the point? There are only 3 off-the-shelf items I've eaten in the past that have succeeded in this regard. Jack Daniel's Sunflower Seeds, a whiskey BBQ I forgot the name of, and Kosciusko Spicy Brown Beer Mustard (Which my sister has aptly described as smelling like a day old open can of Keystone Light)

Sauza's label was fancy schmancy, though. The guy that created that label should be trained as a chef to make their next hot sauce.

Tomorrow: Big S Farms Tennessee Thunder

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