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The Smoking Tongue

October 10, 2005

Day 83: Peppers Hot Sauce

I was feeling under the weather today, and not hungry at all since I had that midnight snack yesterday.

So I grabbed the weakest looking sauce I could find in my collection: Peppers.

A typical red vinegar hot sauce, it seems like this is the 3rd one I've had that was relabeled for Peppers.

Since there's nothing new to say about the sauce, let's talk about the store. An absolute gold mine if you live on the east coast, and a great resource if you can only visit them on the web. It's a lot of fun. My favorite is the I survived pictures they put online. Some look like a hellofa lot of fun.

Chip Hearn and family are the owners of Peppers. Their operation is a LOT bigger than I thought, with over 40 full time employees, sales in 100 different countries, and annual sales in the millions. Now that's a lot of Hot. They have a re-labeling business, which means you can put your own label on a hot sauce (like the one I ate today). And unknown to me until today, they also make some sauces! Georgia Peach & Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce, Predator Sauce, You Can't Handle This, and others.

When you go international where you might carry one or two or three cases of product, "Now you have to have fifty cases."

50 cases of each sauce? Sounds like dream. Now that is a warehouse I'd like to get lost in!

Tomorrow: Sauza Fiery Hot Sauce

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