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The Smoking Tongue

October 07, 2005

Day 80: Horrible Haggis' Pleasure N Pain

Full Name: "Horrible Haggis's Pleasure 'n' Pain XX Hot Chilli Sauce"

The Ultimate Stimulant!

A hot sauce from down under? Hell yea! From Victoria, Australia, we have a company named after cute deer and venomous spiders: "Redback Chilli Co - Deer Farm" (Don't worry, venison is not one of the ingredients!)

The guy that runs the show calls himself Horrible Haggis, and boy has he been busy. For the last year I've watched his website mention all the festivals he planned on attending. And it looks like he's been traveling for years. His hot sauces have racked up a lot of awards across the globe, and even winning awards in America. He travels so much, he could be a diplomat. This particular sauce has won at least 4 awards, the biggest being a few years ago as the People's Choice Award at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival's People's Choice Award.

The first time I had sauces from this company was about a year ago. A friend was unloading some "crap" from a back shelf. No heat shrinks, no clue where he got them from, no clue when he got them. I was hesitant to die from food poisoning, but eventually was more fearful of eating bland foods. I absolutely loved them! So it was a great pleasure to find this sauce again on one of my stores in town. This time, with heat shrinks still attached!

The sauce is dark red in color, and isn't ashamed to have seeds floating around in its thick, chunky sauce. This sauce isn't quite like the normal sauces in the United States, it's slightly similar to a chutney instead.

"Pleasure'n'Pain: Well there is an old Aussie pub rock band back in the early days by the name of The Divynls with an excellent song by the name, Pleasure'n'Pain, Yes there is a fine line between Pleasure'n'Pain."

Horrible Haggis claims this to be one of the hottest natural sauces around, and he's not joking. It's very hot. The flavor is heavily based in tomatoes, with a slight relish resemblance. For about 1 second. Then the heat comes down like a jackhammer, obliterating the brief flavor.

For lunch, we went to a Qdoba Grill, and I ate a large burrito. I poured a bit of this sauce on top for each bite. My nose was running from the first bite to the last. Back at work, I ended up burping all day long. This sauce has very long, lingering effects. I am starting to think that Mr. Haggis had a very troubling youth, and this is his vengeance upon the world.

For supper, I mixed the rest of this bottle with tuna to make a hellishly hot tuna fish sandwich. Although I thought it tasted delicious, I ended up having a stomach ache until I went to bed! Damn if this isn't heart-burn in a bottle. In smaller amounts (like the first time I ate this hot sauce last year) this sauce is perfect. Crazy things can happen, though, when eating a whole bottle.

The picture on this label has a bit of a nun theme going on. There's a story there, but I'll have to save it for when I eat the Bad Habits hot sauce.

Collector's: It's been mentioned on their web site that there's been three label changes over the last few years. Do you have every version? Oh no, you don't? You're missing out! Rares! Rares!

We are lucky to have the Redback Chilli Co. in the Hot Sauce Kingdom. These fiery sauces are a great addition to anyone's fiery arsenal. He should be careful, though. Someday these sauces may be banned from being imported to the United States as Weapons Of Mass Destruction.

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Tomorrow: Frontera Jalapeno Hot Sauce

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