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The Smoking Tongue

October 05, 2005

Day 78: D.L. Jardine's Sontava

Full Name: "D.L. Jardine's Sontava! Habanero XX Hot Sauce"

I bought a lonely hot dog during lunch, and just poured, poured, poured this stuff on it. It soaked into the bun until it was soggy, and then I had myself a very nice, poppin' dog.

This is a bright orange, carrot-based sauce with a great taste, decent heat level. Very fresh looking and tasting.

I'm confused about the D.L Jardine name on it, though. First, it's in very small print. 2nd, they don't sell it on their web site. And lastly, the flavor and consistency really reminds me of their other orange sauce.

I wish I had their other sauce side by side to this one. But I ate them. They just might be the same.

I was able to find some broken links cached on Google about Sontava on D.L. Jardine's web site. This is what they at least used to say about Sontava:

"When asked what Sontava! meant, after experiencing the indescribable fresh, zesty, Latin flavor, the reply was "It just came out. I couldn't think of any words to describe this combination of fresh flavor & just the right heat experience."

"There really is no easy way to describe Sontava! Starting with real habaneros grown in Belize, we cook them with just the right blend of vinegar and spices, and bottle it in small batches. Never too pungent, always the right balance of fire and flavor. Sontava! Is available in XX and XXX heat. It's the perfect hot sauce. Eat Well! Eat Sontava!"

Whoa, did I read that right? It comes in XXX heat also! I'm all over that! If I can find it. Stay tuned.

Tomorrow: Big S Farms - Mountain Green



  • It's actually Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce from Belize. D.L. Jardine's is just a Texas distributer

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:13 AM, June 28, 2009  

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