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The Smoking Tongue

October 05, 2005

Day 77: Louisiana Habanero

Full name: "Louisiana The Perfect Habanero Hot Sauce"

I broke down and bought this hot sauce. Of the new flavors that Bruce Foods introduced a few years back, this is about the only one that didn't suck. They say that movie sequels are always terrible, it's unfortunate that it can be true with food too.

These new flavors come in tall, skinny, 3 ounce bottles. They're pretty damn cheap, too, which is always good when you're eating a whole bottle every day.

Right from the first bite, I realized that this packed more of a punch that I remember. I put half of this in my soup at lunch, and I don't know if I cooked it too long, or if it was just the sauce, but my mouth was quite toasty.

At night I was able to recreate the heat on other foods, so I must salute these guys on not messing around. Now if only they could make a big bottle of it. (Hear that? BIGGER!)

It has a lot of vinegar in it, but the heat and flavor of Louisiana style sauces almost makes up for it. If you're a fan of vinegar sauces to begin with, or a big fan of the original like me, then you'll really love it. Add to this the cheap cost, easy access at most stores, and we have a winner.

Someday, I’d love to put it head-to-head with Tabasco's Habanero sauce.

These guys have the most catch phrases on a hot sauce bottle, than anyone else. I used to think the brand name was "Original". Now I'm not so sure.
"Louisiana (TM)"
"The Perfect Hot Sauce"
"The Red Dot"
"One Drop Does It!

Tomorrow: Sontava!

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