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The Smoking Tongue

October 02, 2005

Day 75: Pure Cayenne

Today was a great day. We went to a winery and got to sample all their wines. Then my girlfriend bought a whole case of her favorite wine at a discount. I'm not a wine fan at all, but I was more than happy to drive her there and back. She will, after all, be dropping me off and picking me up at next week's Beer Festival.

After we were done at the wine festival, we went to an Autumn Fest in a nearby town. This happens to be the location of my favorite little hot sauce store. I took the opportunity to buy the two remaining "Pure" sauces.

So I had this sauce immediately on a Culver's Grilled Reuben Sandwich. Very, very good. If the bees weren't trying to dive bomb me, it would have been a great lunch. In small amounts, this sauce tastes so pure, so peppery, so delicious. But when you have too much at once, it has a real metallic taste. It's really a bizarre phenomenon. If this was tuna, I'd swear I was tasting mercury. I have no idea what's wrong with their process, but something is definitely leaving a bad impression.

Once you taste the impurity, it's impossible not to notice it from then on. What in the world happened? Did their metal grinder add metal shavings?

Later that night I had a couple of hamburgers, and was able to finish the rest of the hot sauce. What a great sauce to be dipping food in! Sadly, the metallic flavor was still present. Luckily, the flavor was still enjoyable.

Tomorrow: Art Of Chipotle - Sweet Heat

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