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The Smoking Tongue

October 01, 2005

Day 74: Mo Hotta Habanero

Full name: "Mo Hotta Mo Betta Red Savina Habanero Hot Sauce"

Years and Years ago when I first started eating hot things, before the World Wide Web was roaring, there was the mail order catalog I magically stumbled across:
Mo Hotta, Mo Betta.

It was my only link to a spicier world.

I don't really remember what I ordered from them, usually just random sauces. I do remember one time buying a few hot lollipops for my work desk, in the hopes that my boss's thieving kids would steal those too, and die eating them. Unfortunately they never did.

Even though Mo Hotta seems to mostly be into selling just about every hot sauce in the world, they also make a few of their own. I have tried a couple of their hot sauces years ago, and was so turned off by them, I almost didn't give this bottle a chance. I mean some of their scoville ratings are at 830, 450, 300, and ...*gasp*... 70!

Salt & Pepper is spicier than that!

This one, however, was HOT!
This one blew my mouth out when I was eating lunch.
I'm so impressed and happy!

Taste wasn’t all that great. It had a gelatin consistency, and a mild pepper taste. But then the front heat came and washed all the flavor away.

Best sauce I've had all week. Extremely happy they pulled this off. I wonder if they have other super hot ones! It will be a cold day in hell I shell out money for a 70 scoville hot sauce, though.

"The Red Savina Habanero pepper is touted in the Guiness Book of World Records as the hottest pepper in the world. With such a distinction we figured this incendiary chile was worth basing a hot sauce on... and here it is! This sauce is not for sissy-lips. Pour with caution - this tropical blend has a hurricane force."

For a personal blurb about their own hot sauce, I have to agree. This isn't for Sissy-lips. It ranks at 5,470 scovilles. That's more than all their other hot sauces added together! Not too shabby in this Tabasco-run world.

Burritos look pretty boring on the outside, huh?! Well it could have been empty on the inside, this sauce would have made it an adventure. Burritos in heat.

More sauces by Mo Hotta Mo Betta:
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Tomorrow: Pure Cayenne

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