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The Smoking Tongue

October 30, 2005

Day 102: Paisanitos Sweet Papaya

Full Name: "Paisanitos Sweet Papaya Spicy Sauce"

This sauce was much better than the first Mustard one I tried by them. It actually had a decent amount of heat, especially when compared to most Papaya sauces in general. Sadly, instead of the green papaya flavor I experienced from Frenchman's, this was more of a curry or Caribbean flavor that is so popular nowadays. However, it was one of the better Caribbean flavored sauces I’ve tried in a long time.

Since today was the Friday before Halloween here at work, our chef had this on the menu: Worm au Gratin. It was a cross between hash browns and scalloped potatoes. Whatever they were, I used almost the whole bottle on it. A coworker was unable to finish his, but I was able to eat all mine, probably due to this sauce.

I'm surprised by the heat from the sauce, considering how far down the ingredient list, "Habaneros", was. It just goes to show that some hot sauce companies are willing to use the good stuff. And anyone that chewed a complete raw habanero knows what I'm talking about.

Without a doubt, this is also the first hot sauce that I've noticed that had Cucumbers as an ingredient. (My tongue didn't notice, just my eyes reading the label)

Bottoms Up!
I actually had this shot glass in the fridge for a while, waiting to down the shot at a later time. It fogged up the sides. Otherwise, you could see how the sauce piled up high in the middle because of how thick it was.

It's got some kick.

Tomorrow: Dan T's Inferno Cayenne

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