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The Smoking Tongue

September 27, 2005

Day 71: Currybbean Fiesta

I'm a huge fan of almost any sauce or condiment. When I eat fish, I use scary amounts of tartar sauce. French fries get half a jug of ketchup. Chips and salsa? I'm the guy with the 10 gallon cowboy hat stealing salsa at Chi-Chi's. (Remember that commercial?)

So it's with great wonder that I'm not a curry fan. I've been to a few Indian restaurants, and while I have always been able to find enjoyable food at their buffets and menus, I steer clear of anything with curry. A real shame, since I hear some can get very spicy.

It also seems like I've had a whole week of weird flavored Caribbean sauces. Caribbean, Karibean……Currybbean? Ugggh.

That being said, I'm quite surprised that this sauce wasn't that bad. It was much better than I thought it would be.

For lunch, I had a huge taco that I crumbled into a salad type mess. Odd combo, to be sure. On one half of the taco, I had it covered in salsa. (In case I didn't like this sauce) The other half I left dry so that I could pour this sauce all over it. The first bite had more of a kick than I ever would have suspected. Although tacos and curry probably aren't the first mixture people would want, it wasn't too bad.

Supper was a large, mostly egg-white omelette. The sauce really didn't go well with it at all. It also wasn't nearly as spicy as I remembered it from lunch.

I have mixed feelings about the sauce. Since I'm not a curry fan to begin with, and the flavor was only above average, I won't be trying it again. True curry fans, however, may have better luck.

Tomorrow: Gator Vertigo

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