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The Smoking Tongue

September 26, 2005

Day 70: Frenchman's Papaya Fire

Full Name: "Frenchman's Fire - Papaya Mild - Caribbean Hot Sauce"

I'm not even sure that this Neanderthal has ever even eaten a Papaya before, but I bet after having this sauce, I'll know one when I taste one. This sauce is fruit-in-a-bottle. Bright green, thick, tart, and very flavorful.

I didn't think it had much heat, but my friends at work thought it would kick up someone's chili. I told him it would probably COOL down their chili, but they didn't want to try my extract sauce. Oh well. I went ahead and put this on my chicken sandwich, while putting the extract sauce into my own chili.

I had my girlfriend try this at night during supper. She couldn't even swallow it, she had to spit it out. I was amazed. And pissed that she wasted some of my sauce! I know she's a picky eater, but I didn't really think she'd have that reaction. Believe me though, this was a very tasty sauce that would give Concord a run for their fruit juice money.

I'm unable to find a home page for Frenchman's. The few blurbs I've read about them online have all been local papers from the St. Petersburg area talking about them. Hopefully they'll get a little bit bigger, and a little more up to date.

The original Frenchman's Fire Caribbean Hot Sauce is an authentic 350-year-old family recipe from St. Thomas in the U.S.Virgin Islands. But now the original is joined by six new sauces that are flavored versions of the original: mango, papaya, guava, passion fruit, lime, and mild.

Other flavors, if you can find them:
Frenchman's Fire - Guava
Frenchman's Fire - Guava Mild
Frenchman's Fire - Lime
Frenchman's Fire - Mango
Frenchman's Fire - Original
Frenchman's Fire - Original Mild
Frenchman's Fire - Passion Fruit

Tomorrow: Currybean Fiesta

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