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The Smoking Tongue

September 25, 2005

Day 69: Emeril's Red Pepper Sauce

Full Name: "Emeril's Fire It Up! Red Pepper Sauce"

The final nail in the coffin. Putting a picture of a chef on a hot sauce label, definitely means crappy ass sauce.

Years ago, I used to be a big fan of Emeril. We used to watch him on TV, drooling over the stuff he made, pretending that some day we would cook that stuff for ourselves. I guess it's easier to just boil a pot and rip things out of their freeze dried containers.

I do remember buying some cayenne powder in an attempt to Kick Things Up A Notch. Turns out I didn't care for the flavor in my foods, and didn't detect enough heat. My problem was probably buying name brand crap at the store. There are some 1-man operations that make good spices.

One thing I am pretty certain of, is that Emeril would never endorse this product if he had actually tasted it. There is no way he'd use this hot sauce on the show, or at home. It's nothing more than a vinegar sauce. And for some reason, it wasn't red enough for them, so they had to add red food coloring to it!

That being said, I still ate a bottle today. I had most of it on a hamburger at Culver's. There was more heat here than I remembered from the last time I unfortunately used it. Other than that, it was just a boring red vinegar sauce.

He has a green sauce too, which contains an unholy amount of vibrant food coloring. I can't wait 'til I bitch about that one too.

Tomorrow: Frenchman's Papaya Sauce

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