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The Smoking Tongue

September 21, 2005

Day 65: D.L. Jardine TexaPeppa

Full Name: "D.L. Jardine's Texas Ranch Recipes Texapeppa Jalapeno Sauce - Mucho Caliente"

Weird how the other two bottles I had by this company were the normal 5 ounce woozie bottle size. This one is the tall, annoying, doesn't-fit-anywhere 6 ounce version. Also, it has a small opening at the top so that I can't pour the sauce out normally, but resort to shaking it up and down.

There was some green jalapeno flavor in this sauce. It was tart, had too much vinegar, but I still got more enjoyment out of it than I thought I would. I'm a sucker for the jalapeno flavor, even if it's just a little bit of it. I figured this was just a Tabasco Green rip-off. Luckily, this had just a little bit more.

For lunch, I put some on some freshly cooked German Potato Salad. It was home made by the guy at work, and was pretty good. Unfortunately, the sauce didn't add much flavor at all. Very disappointing.

For supper, I poured a heaping amount on Chicken Parmigiana. Again, home made, except we made it. Much more of the jalapeno flavor came out this time, and it was a pretty good combo. My sister was visiting, but I think she was so busy talking about work, she didn’t even notice how much I used.

Bottoms Up!
Shot: Tart. So much vinegar , I should be reviewing it on that. Are people this taste deprived, that this is all they need in food? It's too weak, and way too much vinegar.

Tomorrow: Apples Ass



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