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The Smoking Tongue

September 20, 2005

Day 64: Cracker Cowboy Citrus

Full name: "Cracker Cowboy Devil Horse Citrus Sauce"

Does that sound like a manly name for a hot sauce? Yea, I didn't think so either! I wouldn't be caught dead carrying this hot sauce around! Well, actually I did. And besides, I've carried much more embarrassing ones around. And funny enough, I'm usually more embarrassed when I carry around mild ones.

"Hey, whatchoo got there? Is it hot?"

Um... no...

When I opened this bottle, I quickly tried a sample straight from the bottle. It's very dark brown, and has a medium thickness to it. It has a heavy citrus flavor. Maybe a little lime, and a lot of orange. Odd thing to be tasting from a black sauce.

Throughout the day, I had this sauce poured all over: Cajun rice, ham sandwiches, and soup. None of it went well with the sauce. It was lacking so much in flavor, it was like it wasn't even there. And when you try a large amount at once, it contrasted with the food too much.

Not really a great sauce. I can't imagine what anyone would use this sauce for. (I should have read their suggestions: Fish, shrimp, and oysters.)

Oh yea, I forgot to mention the heat. Probably because they forgot to add any!! Bummer!

Bottoms Up!
Shot: Smells a little like taco sauce. The taste reminds me of one of my ingredients I use in my chili. Cumin? I have no idea. It completely escapes me, it's boggling. The citrus flavor does live up to the label’s name.

This sauce is made by some ranchers near Okeechobee, Florida. (I love saying that) Although Cracker Cowboy doesn’t make any other hot sauces, they do make a few salsas that sound mouth watering. And if cow whips and original oil paintings are up your alley, you’ve found the right place.

Tomorrow: D.L. Jardine Texapeppa



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