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The Smoking Tongue

September 18, 2005

Day 62: Mezzetta California Hot Sauce

Full title: "Mezzetta Brand California Habanero Hot Sauce - Twist & Shout"

One good thing about visiting certain relatives out of state, is that their HyVee grocery store is the only one in the Midwest that I've been to that carries Mezzetta Hot Sauce. This is a surprisingly professional sauce coming from a large name brand that actually sits very well with my palate.

This sauce is dark red, and smells like a spicy taco sauce. Not wimpy like the "HOT" version of Ortega's Taco Sauce! Keep that crap away from me, it'd be ordering a glass of milk at Oktoberfest. Mezzetta has a real kick to it, enough to make you forget that it tasted like taco sauce for 1.2 seconds.

Being a Sunday, I had one of those embarrassingly large omelettes that could feed small villages on the African coast. It's the only way to tackle a 7.5 ounce bottle of hot sauce. It was a great combo. I highly recommend the sauce.

Mezzetta has been a family owned business since 1935. Pretty impressive in today's cutthroat shareholder world. And they've been busy! Not only doing their own cutthroat activity, (They own Kona Coast, Nappa Valley Bistro, Tulelake Brand) they also just make all kinds of crap.

They've got Golden Pepperocini, Roasted Bell Peppers, Garlic Stuffed Olives, and zzzzzZZZzzzz....
Anyway, they have a couple other sauces that might qualify as a hot sauce, but I doubt it. Certainly isn't in our grocery stores here in the Midwest. I guess I'll have to live with just this one awesome hot sauce.

Considering many companies don't know how to make even one decent hot sauce, I'll take it.

Besides, it gives me something to look forward to when I'm visiting these relatives...

Bottoms Up!
I used so much of this sauce today I hardly had any left to drink a shot. Then as I was shaking the shit out of the bottle, pretending a few more drops would make a difference, the cap fell in. So I shot the picture to commemorate the event. Tasting it straight just cements the tart, taco flavoring. Better on food!

Tomorrow: Melinda's Hot Sauce



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