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The Smoking Tongue

September 15, 2005

Day 57: Frontera Red Pepper Sauce

"Authentic to west coast, Mexico"

Well they can keep it!

Frontera has had several changes in their sauces and labels in the last few years. They've changed a sauce here or there. They've changed their label design twice. And changed the name of a flavor or two to something different. No body in the world cares, but I did notice.

"Arbol chiles are Mexico's favorite for hot sauce, because they have an alluring red chile heat that wrestles with a hint of smokiness."

Yes, it was like slapping my jock strap back on and wrestling with the other 8th graders at school all over again. Actually, the only thing I wrestled with was putting this sludge in my mouth. First, before I even opened it, you could see what looked like oil globules floating all over the sauce. Then, when I poured it out, it had a very gritty consistency.

It actually tasted better than the mud pie that it looked like, although I wouldn't say it tasted great. The first ingredient is water, followed by vinegar, pumpkin seeds, and then the Arbol peppers. It's flavor was pretty subdued. I guess it reminded me a little of pumpkin & allspice, with a hint of peppers.

Bottoms Up!
Believe you me, I did not really want to drink this straight. You can see the oily spots in there. Go on, click on the picture and get a good look at the zoom in. Go ahead, it won't kill you. I ate it after all, and I'm still alive.

However, it wasn't as bad as it looked after all. No retching, no squirming. I guess it was all in the mind. I guess I'd admit that there must be a few people out there that would really dig this sauce. Whatever its classification might be.

Frontera is busy making other things too. Their hip labels are on Chips, Salsas, Guac Mix, Pizza, Rubs, & BBQ's. I won't even go into why Rick Bayless is plastered all over their site. Super stars of culinary.

More sauces by Frontera:

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Tomorrow: Pain Is Good, Jamaican Style

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