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The Smoking Tongue

September 06, 2005

Day 48: Pain Is Good - Garlic

Full Title: "Pain Is Good - Garlic Style - Batch #37 Hot Sauce"

Cool label! Cool screaming guy! Cool flask!

A high quality sauce oozing thick chunks and quality ingredients. Some of the chunks reminded me of soaking sesame seeds, but those were probably the minced garlic that's listed on the ingredient list. I'm sure there's dainty tongue out there that loves this sauce, but I didn't really care for it that much. I've had quite a few garlic hot sauces in the past, and the ones that really try to bring out the garlic miss the boat for me. The flavors always come out muted, the habanero flavor isn't there, and for sure the heat isn't there. For a bottle that sports a screaming guy titled, "Pain is Good", it's a bit like a dead Chihuahua tied up to the "BEWARE KILLER DOG" sign.

I finished this bottle in one meal at Perkins. I had a slab of hash browns topped with an omelet. The sauce was acceptable mashed into the hash browns, but didn't add much joy to the eggs.

I think I figured out what the guy is screaming about on the label. He's screaming: "WHERE’S THE HEAT?"

Tomorrow: Blair's After Death Sauce.

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