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The Smoking Tongue

September 02, 2005

Day 45: Blair's Original Death Sauce

"With Chipotle"

I don't remember this sauce tasting so good. Blair has certainly perfected this one, and I am now one of the converted.

I used the whole bottle during lunch. And what a weird lunch it was! Our cook at work made a killer Linguini for $4.50. First, lots of noodles, then almost two cups of steamed broccoli. Then a slab of lightly-breaded chicken. Then the alfredo sauce smothered the whole thing. Topped with sprinkles of mozzarella cheese, and a stick of garlic bread.

As I poured this hot sauce all over it, I had my doubts. Mostly because of the broccoli. A coworker that was sitting next to me thought I had gone absolutely crazy. First he asked how much the hot sauce bottle cost. I said about $8. He then asked if I thought the meal was worth $12.50. I jokingly told him I was doing it for science. (Hey, I gotta do what I gotta do). Then he complained about the smell. His dad was abusive, and as a young child at 2 or 3, his dad would put Tabasco all over his fingers so that he'd quit sucking on them. What a terrible idea – being so young, he had no idea where this magic pain was coming from. Just that his mouth was on fire!! Even after he broke the thumb sucking "problem", his dad continued to do it for fun. Sounds like someone needs to have a habanero enema! Anyway, to this day, the smell reminds him of those times.

Eventually he tried a few drops of the sauce with his own Italian meal, and had to agree, it was damn good.

And it was! I had broccoli just doused in this, and it tasted great! It only got better when tasting it with the chicken and noodles. This is a sauce that should come in a gallon size jug.

Eating this shot was actually a lip smacking affair. Even though this almost seemed like a tomato based hot sauce, it tasted really great. It’s no wonder so many people swear by this one. It didn’t have much heat, but come on, the guy has about 50 levels of heat. No complaints here.

I’d list all of Blair’s hot sauces, but the list is way too long. He has everything from a sweet sauce, all the way up to a pure 16 million scoville powder for sale.

Tomorrow: D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.

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