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The Smoking Tongue

August 29, 2005

Day 41: Cajun Sunshine

Full Name: "Cajun Sunshine Hot Pepper Sauce (TryMe)"

"Spicy CAJUN Kick"

So here we have another TryMe brand sauce from Reily Foods. To be honest, I was so busy today, that I wasn't able to give this sauce much of a chance. I skipped breakfast so that I'd be hungry for lunch. Lunch was at a friend's house that was throwing a little party. I was just looking forward to having chips & cheese dip. Not much opportunity to use the sauce.

They did have a pulled pork type sandwich there. However, it was nothing like I've ever had. It was BBQ-y, and extremely runny. You know those little weenies you eat with toothpicks, floating in BBQ sauce? Kind of like that. When a sandwich is already runny, it's hard to add a runny hot sauce. I did anyway. However, besides a slight tangy taste that didn't help the flavor at all, I couldn't taste much of it.

When we left, I took home the rest of the cheese dip and basically had chips and cheese for supper before it hardened (I forgot to mention that I made it!) At least here, in the comfort of my own home, I was able to add hot sauce to the cheese dip and stir it up. However, the flavor of the cheese dip was much stronger than the hot sauce, so it was another non issue. I was so full, I had no room for real food to try it with.

It wasn't until the final shot of the night, that I could finally taste the sauce in all it's glory. And this has to be the lamest attempt I've ever seen in making a sauce "unique". What we have here is an average tasting Louisiana style vinegar sauce. Very similar to Original Louisiana. BUT!! they added floating red pepper flakes. Like the kind you find in shakers at a pizza joint. Tada! A new sauce.

Tomorrow life goes back to normal, and I'll be able to actually taste the sauces again on real food. I like it much better that way.

Tomorrow: Pain is Good.

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