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The Smoking Tongue

August 22, 2005

Day 35: Melinda's XXXtra Hot

Full title: "Melinda's Original Habanero - XXXtra Hot - Hot Sauce"

It's been a long time since I've had this sauce, but I don't remember liking it. However, this is the one. This is the Melinda Hot Sauce that doesn't have to be afraid to call itself a hot sauce. It has just enough habaneros in it to declare its undeniable existence. It has that faint smell all quality sauces have: habaneros... lots of them.

That being said, depending on your heat tolerance and the type of food it's on, will depend on how hot this is for you. For lunch I put 1/2 the bottle on some hash browns. Could hardly tell it was there. For supper I put 1/4th on a plate and dipped my pasties into it. The heat lit up my mouth! How bizarre. Quite enjoyable!

Biggest complaint is that it was still runny. You can't put it on anything and have it stick. It runs off to the bottom of the plate. It's also lighter in color than I would have expected at this heat level. If only it had even more habs and a thicker stick to it, I bet a healthier orange or red would have been in order. However, I'd take my hat off and salute any of the normal Melinda carrot lovers that eat this sauce. It's gotta be hot for these mere mortals.

Bottoms Up!
Runnier that it looks. The habanero flavor does its very best to cover up the tart, tangy vinegar puckering your lips jump to. Unlike the heat I felt during supper, I didn't really feal much of a lingering heat here. Guess it was so runny, it slid down the gullet too quickly.

Could anyone in the world do a Pepsi taste test and figure out which Melinda sauce they were tasting? They're all the same! Oooh, this one is 0.001% hotter.

Tomorrow: Vigo Calypso Heat

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