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The Smoking Tongue

August 16, 2005

Day 29: Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

As a tribute to my poor ass the day before, I decided to eat this sauce yesterday. "Kiss Your Ass Goodbye".

Ironically, not hot at all. On the one hand you have this relabeled red vinegar sauce from Peppers with no heat, trying to act big & tough with a funny label. Then on the other hand you have a most humble, innocent label from CaJohn's, containing a sauce that could stop an elephant in his tracks.

I'm pleased to say that all is quiet on the gastronomical front.

For lunch, I poured half the bottle into my soup, for a not unpleasant saucy taste. For supper, I had so many left over tacos that I had no sauce left over for the shot glass. Oh Darn! I was so looking forward for another shot.

The internet is a great place for information. I'm so glad to see that someone out there is using a search engine to learn how to smoke crack. Here are some recent search engine hits that brought people to this site:

Smoking Crack
Smoking Garlic
Altoids and Sex
Girls longest tongue
Tongue Burn Pain
Tongue Turned Black
Tongue in Pussy
Tongue Cancer
Introduction to Smoking
Hot Ass

(Sorry to disappoint!)

Tomorrow: Marie Sharp's Hot!



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