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The Smoking Tongue

August 13, 2005

Day 26: Ditka's Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Full title: "Ditka's Real Jalapeno Sauce"

Da Bears!
Da Sauce!

The former Bears coach Mike Ditka opened a restaurant in Chicago at the turn of the century. And instead of putting someone else's condiments on each table, he started to make his own. Currently he has 2 hot sauces, 5 mustards, a marinade, 2 steak sauces, a pork chop sauce, and a bbq sauce. All part of his "Ditka's Real Foods" line. They're suppose to be all over the Chicago area grocery stores, and now they're spreading outwards. Just last week we started seeing them in our stores.

I have no idea if they're relabels or not, it's really hard to find any information about them. The only curious tidbit I picked up on is one interesting item in the "Real Foods" line: Frozen pork chops for retail stores... The man must love pork chops.

It's been a long time since I've had a green vinegar sauce, and pretty much the reason why I picked this sauce yesterday. As usual, this one also had too much vinegar, zero heat, but a nice green jalapeno flavor. (I'm a sucker for jalapenos). I didn't use it for breakfast, but I did use most of it while eating lunch at a great Mexican Restaurant.

Pointing to each of the sauces, Ditka said, "I put this on everything. I put this on steak. I put this on pork. The green one? I haven't figured out a place to put it yet."

I couldn't agree more. This green sauce is just kind of an odd one out. I was lucky to use it at a Mexican restaurant that had used copious amounts of jalapenos in the burrito I was eating. I complimented the flavor slightly.

Bottoms Up!
Whoa. This was way more green vinegar than I'd ever want to eat at one time. I guess if you want to make a funny face, this is the way to do it. As with just about anything, use in moderation!
Tomorrow: Haven't decided yet.

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