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The Smoking Tongue

August 08, 2005

Day 20: Yucatan Sunshine Pepper Sauce

Full name: "Yucatan Sunshine - Prepared Habanero Pepper Sauce (TryMe)"

Stand back! This is prepared pepper sauce. None of that unprepared pepper crap.

This is one of about 5 "TryMe" sauces put out Luzianne, and is provided by at least 3 of the grocery stores in this city. The labels are pretty boring, being long distance shots of plants growing. ZZZZzzzz... The one that stands out the most is the Tiger sauce, which has, believe it or not, a tiger head on it. (Unfortunately that sauce can hardly even be considered a hot sauce, and is most likely made out of blended tigers)

Up on the heat shrink label of this sauce, they tout: "A Little Fire - A Lot of Flavor". I took a magic marker and changed mine to say: "No Fire - A Lot of Vinegar".

The ingredient list is exactly the same as the Melinda sauce and the Desert Pepper sauce. Habs, carrots, onion, garlic, etc. They even look similar in consistency and color. So where did they go wrong? Unfortunately, they moved the vinegar ingredient into the #2 spot, and boy can you taste it.

Since it was a lazy Sunday, I took a little bit more time in preparing my breakfast. As you can see, I mounded my potatoes in the patented "lake in a volcano" shape. Then filled it up with 1/2 the bottle of Yucatan Sunshine. Now I have the perfect, edible, dipping container for my sandwich.

I had more fun making breakfast than eating breakfast. It was too runny, too tart, too mild, and too much vinegar.

Since breakfast was practically at noon, I didn't have lunch. With company swinging by later that night, we all voted for Chinese Buffet. I brought the bottle and tapped it there with ease. Being a sweet sauce, it went mildly well with this type of food, but was still too runny. It just pulled a Titanic and sunk to the bottom of the food each time.

You bring own hot sauce? Is it very, very hot?

"Yes, very hot," I lied with enthusiasm. If only it was true. Out of earshot, my friend said, "Yes it burnz a hole in the ass!" Maybe if I was more of an obnoxious ass, I could have had a little more fun in this situation. Maybe if they used more than one habanero seed in the sauce, I could have been more inspired.

Bottoms Up!
I wanted a full shot this time, so poured it FIRST thing in the morning. Holy crap, this shit will wake you up in the morning! I might as well hook up an IV to a Fleischmann's vinegar bottle. This didn't taste good straight. And as an added bonus, there are little chunks of fake peppers floating in this thing, and each one had the consistency of a worm. One got stuck in my teeth and I took a close look at it. Almost like a small version of a pimento from an olive. Ack.

Four other craptacular TryMe sauces:

Cajun Sunshine Hot Pepper Sauce (Try Me)
Tennessee Sunshine Hot Pepper Sauce (Try Me)
Tiger Sauce - The Original (Try Me)
Dragon Sauce (Try Me)

Tomorrow: Trappey's Red Devil

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  • I tried the same sauce, and had the same result. I don't remember if I finished the bottle.

    By Anonymous Tim Ottinger, at 7:04 PM, August 10, 2005  

  • The hotness produced by cayenne is caused by its high concentration of a substance called capsaicin. Technically referred to as 8-methyul-N-vanillyl-6-nonenamide, capsaicin has been widely studied for its pain-reducing effects, its cardiovascular benefits, and its ability to help prevent ulcers.

    By Anonymous pepper sauce, at 11:00 PM, November 25, 2010  

  • This review is dead on.... I wish they didn't add these gummy bits to this tart and tepid sauce. It is for this reason that I usually add powdered or flaked peppers to my food.

    By Blogger Robert, at 12:01 PM, April 18, 2011  

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