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The Smoking Tongue

August 06, 2005

Day 18: Dave's Insanity Crazy Caribbean

Who hasn't heard of Dave's Insanity Sauce? Probably one of the most recognized dangerous hot sauce in the world. Although he might not be the first person to make an extract sauce, he must be one of the earliest, and definitely one of the most famous. He was such a pioneer that his hot sauce was banned at the 1993 National Fiery Food Show. Of course now a days there are categories just for extract sauces, many of which Dave has won over the years.

He's expanded since then with over 60 different products. This Crazy Caribbean sauce is one I haven't tried yet.

It reminds me of a nice bottle of wine. It has a pleasant reddish color to it, pours nice & thickly out of the bottle, and has a very nice, refreshing taste. A lot of Caribbean spiced sauces I've tried before are pretty strong, and very distracting with its flavor. This one works perfectly though.

For breakfast I had an egg sandwich drowning in the sauce. Not bad.

For lunch, I had a taco salad in which I poured all but the last of the sauce in. Now this worked out really well, and I'd have to say that this sauce might even work great as a salad dressing! Especially in salads with a ton of crap in it: like a chicken Caesar salad, or a Cobb salad with turkey & ham.

The only downside is that it wasn't very hot. At first I was crossing my fingers that this wasn't as hot as the original. This was followed by wishing it was. In mass quantities I could certainly feel a bit of heat, but it's weaker than even Tabasco. However, if you're the type who still makes buffalo wings with Frank's Hot Sauce, then you should definitely try out this delicious hot sauce some time.

Bottoms Up!
For supper, I put just a little dab on my potatoes so that I could save the last of the bottle for an after-dinner drink. It went down smooth, very little vinegar tart, and gave a nice, short stab of heat in the after taste. I think this stuff is practically a food, not just a sauce.

Although this bottle is now empty, the fun doesn't have to stop there. Dave makes a lot more sauces. Here are some of the edible ones I'll be trying some day:

Dave's Insanity - Cool Cayenne
Dave's Insanity - Garlic Chile
Dave's Insanity - Ginger Peach
Dave's Insanity - Hurtin' Jalapeno
Dave's Insanity - Hurtin' Habanero
Dave's Insanity - Jammin' Jerk
Dave's Insanity - Roasted Garlic
Dave's Insanity - Roasted Red Pepper
Dave's Insanity - Scotch Bonnet

Tomorrow: Melinda's Extra Hot Sauce

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