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The Smoking Tongue

August 05, 2005

Day 17: El Yucateco (Green)

Here's another sauce with a nice, long name:
"El Yucateco - Salsa Picante de Chile Habanero (Picante Verde)"

The first time I had this was years and years ago. I was probably psyched about the cheap price, probably thought green meant "wimpy" like with the Tabasco line, and poured some on my tacos. I remember that night very clearly. It involved a lot of crying, sniffling, sweating, and cursing. Lots of cursing. It spanked my ass - I couldn't believe how hot it was.

So now we've come full circle. I'm not only having it again, but I'm having the whole bottle in one day! Will it end in success? Or will I be reunited with disaster? Tune in tomorrow...in 10 seconds... to find out.

Breakfast was another egg sandwich, with almost a 1/3rd of the bottle poured on it. I'll admit, I didn't dare pour that much on until after I poured some on my finger to taste test. Feeling safe, I then unleashed it. It was great. Tasted great. And there was a nice mellow heat that anyone would be proud of. I remember thinking that this sauce tasted horrible years ago, but I think problem was that it was just too hot then. Now... I think the heat is great, and you get to really savor the jalepeno flavor that is obviously infused by the truckload in this sauce. It's just a shame that they decided to add so much green food coloring that it actually glows.

For lunch, a coworker wanted to go out to eat. This ruined my plan to knock off another third of the bottle because he wanted to go to my favorite chicken wing joint. So leaving the bottle behind, I enjoyed their Thermonuclear Hot Wings.

So when suppertime came around, I had my work cut out for me. However, I had an ace up my sleeve. There was a reason I picked El Yucateco yesterday. The reason was because I knew it was Taco Night. That's right, not only was I tackling my green demon from years ago, but I was doing it with the ill-fated TACO.

I have to say, it was probably one of the most enjoyable tacos I've had in a long, long time, and I attribute it to the obsessive amounts of sauce.

Take a look at this guy's picture at the Burrito Blog... He put some El Yucateco on his Burrito too.

And now here's a closup of my soft shelled taco/burrito:
I also had a 2nd taco after that one, and had to put even more sauce on it to finish the bottle. I didn't get a picture of it, because we had company, and I didn't really want to explain what the hell I was doing. It was tough enough to sneak off before supper started and capture the first pic.

And although this bottle is now empty, the fun doesn't have to stop there. El Yucateco makes even more flavors. Here is a listing with their scoville units:

1,270 - El Yucateco - Jalapeno
3,400 - El Yucateco - Chipotle
5,400 - El Yucateco - Caribbean
5,790 - El Yucateco - Red
8,910 - El Yucateco - Green
11,600 - El Yucateco - XXXtra Hot

So I've come full circle from years ago with this Green Demon. Back then, at the start, I was a pussy.
Now I'm a Smoking Tongue...

Tomorrow: Dave's Insanity - Caribbean

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