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The Smoking Tongue

August 02, 2005

Day 14: Dragon's Breath Mojo Sauce

Thanks to the Rooster Sauce challenge the day before, I skipped breakfast yesterday morning. (STILL FULL!) When lunch rolled around I looked at the menu and ordered a Sloppy Joe & a bowl of soup.

A Sloppy Joe is pretty sloppy as you know, and when you pour half a bottle of hot sauce on it, it become extremely sloppy. I ended up having to eat the sandwich with a fork. I wasn't alone though. I saw another person eating their Sloppy Joe with a fork, and they didn't even have the luxury of hot sauce on it.

The full name of this sauce is: "Dragon's Breath - Mojo - Citrus Juice Hot Sauce". It was a really nice change of pace compared to the previous vinegar sauces. It lists 3 peppers as its main ingredients: Habanero, Serrano, and Red Peppers. There's a distinct flavor that most Serrano sauces have that I don't like. It almost tastes like vinegar (Had to read the ingredients to believe that there was no vinegar!). Maybe it's a coincidence, maybe not. One of the last ingredients in the list is a ubiquitous "Spices". Narrows it down, huh? But in this case it's Caribbean spices, and it's pretty good.

Besides the Serranos, my only other wish was that it had a lot more heat.

I was able to use 3/4th of the bottle during lunch, leaving only 1/4th for supper, which was just some turkey sandwiches. And just like that, another bottle is tapped.

And thus concludes the end of:
Week #2: The Tour de Hot Sauce.

Tomorrow: A different Dragon Sauce

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