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The Smoking Tongue

July 25, 2005

Week 1: Tour de Hot Sauce

Well that concludes week 1 of whatever this is. Look at all that vinegar drunk. I’m not sure how long I can keep this up, but if I can get through the 2nd week, especially with what I have planned for this weekend, then I think I’m set for months.

I’m a big fan of the Tour de France, so have been silently calling this endeavor the "Tour de Hot Sauce". Last night I messed around with a logo. Hopefully I can tinker with the restrictions on this site and get it showing up at the top some day.

The tour in France allows rest days, and only lasts 21 stages. I think 100 should be a minimum for me, and I don’t think rest days sounds very appealing. "Man eats hot sauce every other day" just doesn’t sound as amazing. Then again, this isn’t very amazing either. But at least it gives me something to post about every day.



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