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The Smoking Tongue

July 25, 2005

Day 6: Tabasco Habanero

Well, this stuff is much better than normal Tabasco. It supposedly has twice the amount of heat, and I think just tastes better. They had to have more pepper mash per vinegar, so I think it helps the flavor that much more.

But what I don't buy is Tabasco's marketing for this product. Sure, sure, you have the largest market share in the world for hot sauces. And all the bland sheeple in the world thinks that your hot sauce is hot. But shit, you didn't invent the hottest sauce in the world!

"Not for the weak of heart, our TABASCO® brand Habanero Pepper Sauce is a Jamaican-style pepper sauce that will knock your socks off."

-My socks are still on.

"Made with the world's hottest pepper, blah blah blah.... blah blah blah... And though the results are deceptively fruity, TABASCO® Habanero Pepper Sauce is a totally fiery hot sauce.."

-Actually I find the description and claims deceptively fruity.

"The hottest sauce in the Family of Flavors, TABASCO® brand Habanero Pepper Sauce has a Scoville Unit Rating of 7,000 to 8,000 Scoville Units (The Scoville Rating Scale is the standardized yardstick of hotness in food)."

-Lies! All lies.

I know that it can be hard to make the same batch of heat every single time, but Tabasco Habanero Pepper Sauce has been listed at 5,200 scoville units quite a few times at other sources. I'm more inclined to believe this sauce is twice as hot as the original, but not 3 to 4 times hotter. Not only that, but El Yucateco makes sauces in that range, and they're very hot when compared to this.

I used half the bottle during lunch on my bratwursts. The rest I easily used up on a grilled cheese & ham sandwich, and a few drops in my tomato soup. My grocery stores have never carried a 5 ounce version of this bottle. I didn't even know they made a 5 ounce version. Looking online this morning I see that they do. Hopefully this isn't considered "cheating". I was working with what I had. If I ever run across a 5 ounce size bottle in the future, I'll buy it, and prove that I can eat the whole bottle in one day.

Tomorrow, I go with the another top leader: Crystal.

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  • Tabasco is basically vinegar with a few peppers tossed in for flavor. Its hard to describe what the taste of the peppers is because there is so much vinegar taste to get through first. The habanero one reviewed above has delightfully less vinegar.

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