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The Smoking Tongue

July 30, 2005

Day 11: Prairie Fire Hot Peppersauce

-Canada's Original Peppersauce.

-1996 National Hot & Fiery Foods Show Winner

-A sauce so Canadian, it apologizes after it bites you.

-A unique sauce, that enhances the spice in your dish, but does not alter the flavor you are trying to achieve.

Here's a quote they should add to the label: "1996 called, and they want their artwork back".
Yea, yea, I know. 1998 called and they want their joke back.

Well the first thing I'll say about this sauce is that I'm awfully surprised it won an award. It's possible that the category was "Canadian Hot Sauces" and this was the only one registered back in 1996 (Being Canada's original hot peppersauce, after all)

The last quote is definitely out of whack. I'm sorry, but there was a lot of flavor in this sauce, most of it vinegar, and it was not inconspicuous. I can guarantee that my lunch tasted different with this sauce on it. (Although to be fair, I used 90% of this bottle on my spaghetti)

Also, I spent the whole day snickering to myself about how I was going to make fun of their big typo on the ingredient list. They have the #1 ingredient listed as Jalapeno Peppers. Their #2 ingredient is also Jalapeno Peppers. They also have their ingredients listed in French (of course) and they carried the typo over in the translation.

Turns out the joke is on me. I need glasses. The first ingredient is JapĆ³nes Peppers! I had to look them up, and it turns out these are those long, thin, red peppers native in China & Japan. I've actually had a few served to me before at a "Big Bowl" restaurant.

Breakfast: A quick & dirty turkey cheese sandwich. (Hey it's really breakfast food, just 3 hours early). When I poured this sauce on, it came out nice & thick. Extremely dark, dark green. Almost black. The sauce reminded me of a relish almost, but with more vinegar, more heat, and less pickles. (I guess that could be anything then)

Lunch: Spaghetti is the perfect hot sauce food. I've used whole bottles before in one sitting. Today was no different, I just poured the rest of the contents on my spaghetti when my coworkers weren't looking, and basically ate a relishy spaghetti. Not much heat at all.

Supper: Shit, I already finished the bottle. What am I going to do? Thoughts of eating 2 bottles a day crossed my mind, but I remember how hard it is finishing 1 bottle sometimes. I decided it was a good opportunity to get some HEAT into my diet. I dug out my Great White Shark Predator Hot sauce in celebration of this guy. I had about 1/6th of the bottle on my last 2 pieces of stromboli. I'm not sure I could do a whole bottle in one day due to the heat. But maybe some day we'll find out :)

Prairie Fire Summary: This sauce was a nice change of pace from all the red vinegar classics I've had so far. However, I found it only average. It would probably go pretty good with anything that enjoys pickles: Tuna fish sandwiches, chicken salad spread, potato salad, etc. Luckily, Canada has come a long way since 1996 in the hot sauce world. I remember last year when a friend of mine shared a bottle of Fusion Fire with me. Wow. Let's just say I'm looking forward to the day I attempt to finish that one here.

Tomorrow: Burning Hole.

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  • Thanks for the note, I don't think the chef was tryign to talk me out of it, as much as he was warning and talking up his sauce. I don't remember the scovile unit exactly (he did tell me) but I do remember he said that they were 100,000 (plus a little bit more) scovile unites hotter than a habenaro. Pictuers are coming over the next few days.

    By Blogger Axalotal, at 11:26 PM, July 30, 2005  

  • good times...

    By Blogger CT, at 12:03 PM, July 31, 2005  

  • A bottle a day. Holy crap, I didn't realise other people did this! Last time I did this I was shunned and labelled as "filth" by society, which was quite accurate to be honest.

    Do you never give your arsehole a rest? At my peak of hot sauce munching, when I did 3 bottles of tobasco, 6 bottles of encona (swhich I use like ketchup now), and a bottle of megadeath in 3 days, the ring of fire I experienced was unbearable.

    You, sir, are more of a man than I could ever aspire to be. I salute you.

    By Anonymous Will, at 12:33 PM, July 31, 2005  

  • Wow, you're crazy. I wish you luck in your endeavour, though. I really enjoy reading your blog :)

    By Blogger Eleanor, at 5:00 PM, July 31, 2005  

  • I have been in Canada and one friend gave me a Canada's Original Peppersauce. I think that it is so delicious and very cool, I love the hot food!!!

    By Anonymous Viagra Online, at 8:53 AM, February 10, 2011  

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