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The Smoking Tongue

July 20, 2005

Day 1: Chili Dog Hot Sauce

Last Night we were at the Great Dog restaurant. How fitting that the random hot sauce I brought in with me was called "Chili Dog".

Since I had skipped lunch due to a timing accident, I was hungry. I first ordered a Beer Cheese Soup. Surprisingly it was white cheddar, and it really tasted good. Then I poured 1/4th of the hot sauce bottle in there and stirred it up. Now, instead of white, I had a nice bloody looking soup. To my surprise, floating around the soup were sliced bratwursts. Great soup!

When that was finished, they brought out the Chicken Enchiladas that I ordered. It came with black beans on the side, and spanish rice. Perfect for mixing in large quantities of hot sauce.. I poured the rest of the hot sauce over the whole plate, and went to work.

Chili Dog Hot Sauce is a typical red vinegar sauce, falling in the range of Frank's, Tabasco, Cholula, and every other typical red vinegar sauce. Since the bottle says it was "made for Peppers" (a famous hot sauce store on the East Coast) I am positive this is just a relabeled hot sauce. I'm not a big fan of vinegar, so I rank it right down there with all the other typical red vinegar sauces. Not to mention it probably IS just the same shit, literally.

So, that was the sauce I poured on for flavor. I then sprinkled a nice dose of Blair's Death Rain Nitro for heat. Blair's makes a nice range of dry rubs. Last time I ordered there I got the Death Rain Habanero. However, I went through that way too fast, so I ordered the next notch up. According to the description it's the same Habanero flakes, but sprayed with extract. I actually like the taste better, and there's definitely more heat.

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